Happy ending

Five reasons for a happy ending: Why happy endings get you high and we simply can’t to do without them.

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The symphony of writing

The sound makes the idea: Why the right music for writing sends our creativity into vibration.

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“Whenever I felt bad, I would open my laptop and write another chapter or two“

Interview session with ‘Half the World Away From Home’ author Lisa Krämer.

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Eerily good!

We reveal what makes for successful horror literature and introduce you to the best horror novels in the eerily beautiful genre.

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“My dance experience has helped me…“

Interview session with ‘Not Strictly Dancing’ author Richard Rose.

Interview with Richard Rose
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Running out of steam?

If you are no longer burning for anything, you are burnt out. With these tips on burnout prevention for authors, you can create little time-outs during everyday life as a precaution.

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In Louisa May Alcott’s apple orchard

Take a walk through Alexandre Dumas’s garden or sun yourself on Hemingway’s beach. We have collected some of the best travel destinations for bibliophiles.

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“I find the Bible a uniquely interesting collection of writings.“

Interview session with ‘Words in Red’ author Colin Rank.

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Voices of the Rainbow

Queer literature is a great enrichment – for the LGBTQ+ community and everybody else.

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”It’s all about letting go of the toxins that eat away at us“

Interview session with ‘What is it With Bloody Men’ author Maggie K. McLean-Crowther.

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