A question that all prospective authors have already asked before: should I go for self-publishing or should I opt for the services of a traditional publisher? After all, what does the promising alternative of self-publishing offers for those having ambitious plans in the literary field? Novum publishing have given some thoughts to the pros and cons.


Do you know what Friedrich Schiller’s “The Robbers”, Mark Twain’s “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn” and Goethe’s “Goetz von Berlichingen” have in common? These works were self-published books.

So although the possibility of self-publishing is not new, the increasing demand for it mirrors a current trend. The author is – more than ever before thanks to the internet and e-books – independent and not required to cooperate with a publishing house.

However, in order to discuss profoundly the pros and cons of both ways of publishing, one decisive question has to be raised: for what possible reasons do authors choose self-publishing?

There are various reasons: good old money as well as the hope for higher profit shares; the desire for independence and a faster publication or simply the fact that no traditional publisher shows interest in the manuscript. Web-based self-publishing platforms willing to support the authors during the publishing process customize their service to the needs of such clients. The expectations are great, and advantages such as higher profit margins, freedom in creation and independent time management are obvious.

However, it is important not to forget two crucial factors: the reputation and the structure of a publishing house, which offer many advantages to authors, first and foremost professional experience and support during the whole publishing process. Having a contact person for any type of questions and requests who gives feedback and important input is crucial, and thorough editing can hardly be replaced too. In the end, it is the quality of a book that convinces the readers!


The reputation of a publishing house plays a great part when it comes to marketing effectively the finished book. Publishers such as novum publishing not only have a large network of distributors and book-wholesalers but are also present at literature forums and social networks where publishers and their publications enjoy a good reputation. Self-publishers are not able to achieve the extent and scope of such a professional marketing. To them, this means an enormous effort and they often lack the necessary awareness and range.

Self-publishing is most likely a solution for long-established authors in the literary scene, who already have a wide network. People with years of professional experience in the publishing sector can consider self-publishing as well.

But self-publishing is still a major challenge, especially for authors in the German speaking area, because e-books have not yet found as much acceptance as in the United States. Although e-books are a cheaper alternative, they have not achieved the sales figures and popularity of traditional books yet. As the traditional printed book is more expensive, the author needs to weigh up whether to self-publish or not.


Numerous examples of famous authors prove it: self-publishing is possible and it can be worth a try. Nevertheless, the author’s wishes, requirements and objectives need to be considered. Our recommendation: prefer a traditional publisher if you want to achieve a premium standard.


We wish you creative inspiration!


novum publishing