A selection of American Book Blogs you should consider following right now.

The information age that we are living in provides us with the luxury of finding literally everything online – and literature sure is no exception. As we embark on our daily browsing journey through social media and our favorite blogs, we often find ourselves inspired by influencers of all kinds. As any book lover and aspiring author can attest to, a bit of inspiration always is a most welcome thing – so, it is about high time to find those literary influencers in the bloggerverse!

Alas, that would be just the thing, you say – but no luck yet in plucking the right ones from the flock? Fear not, as we at novum got your back on that one, too!

So, the bloggerverse is as diverse as it gets, and we are more than happy to say that with so many blogs around, books are as popular a topic as any. Be it private person with a love for science fiction, crime or romance novels giving their own opinions on the newest releases or a blog that is dedicated to the downfall of the dreaded writer’s block – they are all there, and the U.S. has a proud blogger scene that boasts many an online literary treasure. Our humble novum publishing blog aside, we have drawn up a shortlist of the bookblogs currently en vogue that will not go out of style anytime soon!

1.) Bluestocking Bookshelf

Have you ever heard of the term “bluestocking”? Avid readers of Jane Austen and period novels as well the more historically well-versed among you might know what it means: Intellectual and literary women were mockingly referred to as ‘bluestockings’ in 18th- and 19th-century England.*

As frowned upon as well-read women might have been back in the day, fortunately the 21st century has a wholly different approach to literary pursuits of any gender.  Moreover, the overwhelming percentage of book bloggers is, in fact, female and so it comes as no surprise that Bluestocking Bookshelf Bloggerista Jen is one of them. Starting out with her passion for collecting beautiful editions of her favourite books and sharing them online, she noticed on the hashtag #bookstagram on Instagram and found out that she was, in fact, far from alone in this.

 “I don’t judge a book by its cover, but I do think that every wonderful book deserves a cover that is a work of art.” Jen, Bluestocking Bookshelf

If you love yourself not only an intellectually but also aesthetically stimulating book, be sure to stop by at either Jen’s blog or her insanely beautiful Instagram – you are about to be equal parts mesmerized and inspired, we promise!

(*in reference to the original “Blue Stockings Society’, a women’s social and educational movement that had its heyday in the 1800s in England.)

2.) Helping Writers Become Authors

This one is for all those ink-blooded bookworms out there whose ambitions match those of a true writer. Helping Writers Become Authors is not an ordinary book blog, mind you – the prized blog is run and written by none other than the award-winning Nebraskan author K.M. Weiland.

Focusing on author mentorship, this blog definitely is a gift that keeps on giving for any aspiring author: her articles are on point while being easy and fun to read. Weiland strives to share her knowledge on all aspects of writing, covering character arcs, common writing mistakes, story structure and much more.

There is only one thing that we at novum publishing love more than a good story, and that is good advice on how to get to writing that story! Who knew that book blogs are actually a perfect resource to find the perfect gear for honing your writing skills? If you are thirsty for more, our very own blog is, of course, no exception. In our very own Writer’s Lesson we, too, give our best to provide you with tips and tricks to make your story shine bright!

3.) Beautiful Bibliophile / Yeldah Yousfi – A literary lifestyle blog

The perfect combination of lifestyle and literature content, Yeldah Yousfi has not only gained a more than respectable following on her blog and Instagram beautiful.bibliophile, but also manages to be all-around authentic in the process.

The native Canadian has set up her book base in Ontario, yet if you take a look or two at her feed, you will soon see that this bookstagrammer is at home anywhere in the world, and never seen without a good book! As a successful content creator and photographer, she actually started out on Instagram before she even had her blog, but due to her rapidly growing community, she decided to exit her comfort zone and give blogging a shot. A splendid idea indeed, as her reviews as well as the travelling tips she provides are more than worth browsing through!

4.) NYC Bookgirl

NYC Bookgirl is as “big apple’ as it gets: this fun blog created by Morgan, a 20-something working in the colorful theater world (codeword: Broadway! )and living in – you guessed it right – New York City. On her blog, she shares her favorite reads and offers book recommendations as well as tidbits about her life in the big city. Her colorful Instagram has also quite a following and is always worth a visit if you are on the hunt for your next reading inspiration. 

 5.) Berrybookpages

Still very young and already on her best way to becoming a biggie in the American (book-) bloggerverse, Michelle and her blog Berrybookpages are a literary force to be reckoned with. As a  20-year-old college student from Texas, she loves to ‘explore the universe one day at a time’ and to give insightful and very personal book reviews. On her blog, you can also find discount codes and links to lovely bookish products, as well as the links to her other social media channels. The millenial also routinely updates her Instagram- and Youtube-accounts – checking out her stunningly beautiful, delicately arranged Instagram feed is a must!

Well, dearest novum publishing followers and readers, it seems that we have covered quite a bit of literary blogging ground already with these five blogs, yet there are so many noteworthy blogs still out there, waiting to be explored – we might have to continue our blog recommendations as a result!

So, if you enjoyed this venture into the book-blogging universe, please show us and this article some love by leaving a comment and letting us know what you would like to read next here on our novum publishing blog.

Until then, enjoy and keep reading fellow bookworms,

novum publishing.