Month: November 2018

Interview session with Jean Dickinson

In our second interview we interviewed Jean Dickinson about her premium book “The Adventures of a Mythical Cow and Horse” and its origin.

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Inside novum – Part II: Blurbs, Coverdesign, Image Editing

Our series “inside novum” offers interesting insights into the publishing business. It takes countless steps before a book can finally be unwrapped and presented in the shelves of the bookstore around the corner, many of which an author would not immediately think of. In part one of our behind-the-scenes series we talked about the exciting journey of a right from handing it in to the publisher until the last drop of ink on the contract has dried. In our second part we are shifting our focus to the production process.

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British Book Bloggers to remember

Book Bloggers, authors and literature experts – the digital literature community is extraordinarily versatile. novum publishing discovered five British storytellers that you definitely should remember.

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Interview session with Kamil Soleymani

In our new series “Interviews”, we are beyond proud to present novum publishing authors and their literary works granting us insights into their lives as authors. Starting off with Kamil Soleymani, we introduce you to a writer with a strong belief in life after having experienced some life changing difficulties.

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