In our new series “Interviews”, we are beyond proud to present novum publishing authors and their literary works granting us insights into their lives as authors. Starting off with Kamil Soleymani, we introduce you to a writer with a strong belief in life after having experienced some life changing difficulties.

With his book “The Mythical Key” he created a fantasy world that captivates your attention – the perfect escapist holiday reading! Read now what inspired him to write his fantasy novel and what makes the book so special for him.

1. What do your readers want to know about your life that corresponds to your book?

This book is far from my life because it is completely imaginative. But I have used my dreams to write this book.

2. What was the process of writing the book like?

I wrote this book under very difficult conditions. While I was at the Immigrant Camp and was full of children. I had to wait at night for the children to sleep. Then I was busy writing the story until the morning. I began writing this book with the least amount of facilities.

3. Do you have any other published books?


4. Are there any books you are working on for the future?

Yes, I want to write other parts of this book. In the next few weeks I will start writing the second part. Of course, I have also written a short story that I have not yet published.

5. What inspired you to write this story and share it with others?

I love the imagination, and I have written this story only with my own imagination. In fact, writing such a book was my childhood dream. I have always liked to have something of my own that would be proud of myself and my family. Perhaps this book is not so good, but it’s important to me that I could turn one of my dreams into reality.

6. Are there any unique features in the book?

No, it’s totally my imagination.

7. Are your characters totally fictional?

Some are imaginative, and some are ordinary people.

8. Were you inspired from someone you know?

No one. I loved to write books from childhood, but life problems never gave me this opportunity. Of course, the life of Mrs. J.K. Rowling is very interesting for me and I would love to meet her one day. I believe that I will succeed by trying.

9. Does the book title have a special meaning?

The subject of the book is both good and evil. The key can open a door behind which is happy or unpleasant. It can also lock the door behind it, which is either benign or unpleasant. And in fact my book is about a key to being completely legendary and the whole story depends on its existence and its state.