Book Bloggers, authors and literature experts – the digital literature community is extraordinarily versatile. novum publishing discovered five British storytellers that you definitely should remember.

In our digital age, we cannot deny the power wielded by influencers and social media – even the most bookish and analogue-loving among us cannot escape their grip, but why would we want to if there are such great book bloggers out there in the world-wide-web? They provide us with on-point reviews, book listings and inspiration galore, and November is just the time to get cozy and to work on our ever-growing reading-lists!

So you’ve seen it coming, dear readers, Novum publishing proudly presents our top-picks for UK book bloggers not to be missed:

1. Playing By The Book

Not only do we love ourselves a blog that gives value bookwise, we adore one that goes the extra mile in encouraging the love for books from a very young age. One such gem is Zoe Toft’s “Playing By The Book”, a project that she started as a labour of love while raising her children. Children’s books are vital to a good education, and Zoe started out by reviewing the books she read with her children online and discussing them with her audience. Starting innocently enough out of sheer enjoyment, her blog has grown considerably and now includes much more than your average hobby blog. Toft regularly posts interviews with both award-winning authors and new authors, supporting the latter on their journey to literary renown by writing about them and their debut novels on her plattform. While doing so, she never lets her main incentive go out of focus: encouraging children to discover their love of books. She is working in cooperation with The Federation of Children’s Book Groups and even organised her own Children’s Book Festival! What about that for an effort to keep books going strong, dear readers!

More infos to the children’s book author you can find here:

2. Ten Penny Dreams

A blog that lets their author’s personal love for creating literature shine as much as it does give credit to noteworthy literature, “Ten Penny Dreams” by Amy Lord is especially worth a visit for those of you inclined to become a writer yourselves. Not only does Lord engage in writing her blog, she also is an author, albeit as of yet an unpublished one. If you find yourself struggling with the occasional writer’s block or a fear of your literary outbursts being unworthy of publication, let us kindly direct you to her blog to seek consolation if you still waver even after scouring through our encouraging writer’s lessons. Amy Lord has already written two novels of her own, but both of them are still lovingly and cautiously kept from the public’s gaze. You can probably relate rather well if you have ever hesitated before taking the very final step in doing anything, this does not necessarily have to be the endeavour of publishing a book. Lord has her own doubts as everyone does, and she openly and bravely shares them on her blog. She writes about her thoughts about writing, about being “not good enough” and generally gives many insights into the inner turmoils that young authors are often faced with when immersed in writing. In addition to these valuable glimpses into a new writer’s world, her blog also contains the classic ingredients that we love about a good book blog. Her reviews about books that inspired her are made even more special by her adding interviews with her favourite characters.

Learn more about Amy Lord here:

3. The Book Geek

Another special book blogger that we would love for you to meet online is Emily May, even though many of you might frown at our definition of “British Book Blogger”. She is British by birth, but abandoned her reputedly rainy homecountry and moved to Los Angeles for the sun. (Well, we cannot blame her for that.) The self-proclaimed “book geek” started her blog in late 2010 and still enjoys her classically English Breakfast tea with milk without sugar, so that is all the Brit-attitude we need, in addition to running a thoroughly enjoyable blog. May has Asperger’s syndrome and describes herself as a very “analytical” kind of person who enjoys deep thinking and those traits shine through on her blog. She is refreshingly honest and does not fawn or sugarcoat in her reviews. In fact she even felt compelled to include a section in her FAQs where she explains that she does like many books that she reads, as a rating above three stars is a very rare thing with her and her ratings are very critical, so if you want an honest, personal review without fuss, Emily May’s is your blog. Some reviews are marked “DNF”, as for “Did Not Finish”, meaning she does not bother with books that she deemed too uninteresting to finish. As a harsh critic of literature, yet always and forever ardent lover of books, Emily May is your go-to blogger when you like frank words and live by the old saying that honesty ist the best policy.

Initiator Emily tells more about her stories on:

4. Savidgereads

Simon Savidge’s popular book blog “Savidgereads” is his digital outlet for thoughts and ponderings about everthing he is reading, and the fact that he is thus outsourcing his thoughts is made even more interesting for booklovers by the fact that he is occasionally called in as a literary judge for none other than The Guardian. Savidge is on the panel for their Not The Booker Prize and was also part of the judging panel for the “Costa Awards 2017”. Simon Savidge also is a very honest reviewer, providing on-the-point insights on the books he has read in great detail. Whenever you find yourself looking for inspiration for your next “undownputtable”  read, a worthy book club to join or even a companion for a commute, Savidgereads is your blog to go. Another thing we love about Savidgereads is, that Simon is not only one of us as a self-confessed bookworm, but equally divides his literary devotion between new books fresh from the press and old, preloved ones from the shelves of charity shops and the likes. He updates his readers on his blog about the finds from his latest book raids in his enjoyable reviews.

More secrets are found here:

5. Travelling Book Junkie

“Travelling the world one book at a time” is the enchanting motto that blogging couple Tam and Paul live by. They started their blog as a joint outlet for the things they are most passionate about: travelling and books. Tam and Paul’s blog is lovingly made up of different “Junkie”- sections to navigate between their focusses on exciting destinations around the world, lifestyle and, of course, books. Lovers of all things inspirational themselves, they seek to achieve the goal of “Inspiring a Bookish Lifestyle” on their bookblog. Their featured volumes contain all kinds of books, fiction and non-fiction alike and have been independently and honestly reviewed. Tam and Paul divide their talents to create a thoroughly enjoyable blog, as Tam is the main writer and book-addict on Travelling Book Junkie, and Paul illustrates their findings by providing stunning shots as the photographer of the dynamic duo. During their extensive travels all around the globe, these two worldly-wise bookbloggers provide their readers with new additions to their literary trails and recommendations for bookshops and libraries worth visiting. Active travel-lovers, couchsurfers and armchair-passengers alike will rejoice when scouring this blog for literary fodder.

For spectacular travel insights and literature tips go along here:

Well, dear readers, this is it, the list containing our first five picks for British Book Bloggers to remember. As always, we are most curious about your thoughts on the matter – do you approve of our choices, do you know members of our list or did you miss a blog that should definitely have been part of it? Let us know in your comments below and we promise to stay bookish with you!

As always: Keep writing, keep typing!

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