This week’s interview highlights the biography of Arunas Bizokas and Martha A. Harper. A dancing duo that wants to share the journey of their relationship.

1. What do your readers want to know about your life that corresponds to your book?

The setting is a ballroom. The story itself is actually a biography of the journey of our relationship which is still in progress. Arunas is a professional dancer, an international champion. Martha is his amateur student. The story covers competitions and the journey of our relationship over five years.

2. What was the process of writing the book like?

Reliving the different circumstances we encountered has helped us learn a lot about each other and increase our understanding and support. Some parts were fun, but a good bit of it was a real challenge. 

3. Do you have any other published books?

Martha has authored several other books:

  • Time to Eat! A Christian devotional book for young children and families
  • Does He Hear? Life devotions for youth from Psalm 139
  • Does He Hear? 2nd Edition:  Are You Ready? The Discipleship Challenge, Psalm 139 devotions with additional discipleship material
  • Teach for Today or Train for Tomorrow.

4. What inspired you to write this story and share it with others?

Initially the story was to be about Arunas and his dancing.  Then the decision was made to write about the two of us, sharing our joys and our experiences. The story itself offers lots of laughter and opportunities for personal reflection. We hope it will help others to learn and grow from our experiences. We want to encourage people to evaluate their relationships and stay the journey when possible. 

5. Are there any unique features in the book?

We feel this book provides deep insights of honesty, emotional endurance and forgiveness. Arunas’ favored highlight was a situation at the Riga competition and how Martha handled it. He will not share details as he wants the reader to personally discover it . . .

6. Does the book title have a special meaning?

Referring to the book title “Connection in Time” we both affirm that we sensed a special connection from the beginning. The timing was God orchestrating when we first met and keeping us together through all our difficulties.