We invited Fankie Obed Masilela to this month’s author interview to talk about his first book book “Twisted Wedding Dress” and its content twist.

  1. Are you a full-time or part-time writer? Did you go to school for writing?

I am a part-time writer and didn’t go to school for writing. It is a passion, it started when I was a teenager, enjoying reading, writing poems and short stories but never publishing them.

2. Do you have any other job besides writing books?

Yes, I am a social worker in private practice, also a marker for fourth year student at UNISA (University of South Africa) in the faculty of social sciences research, as well as the manager of a family business.

3. How do you allocate time to writing a book, work and family?

I normally write late in the evening when it is quiet and peaceful. I schedule appointments with clients two days a week, family business one day a week and university work is periodical and scheduled in between.

4. What was the process of writing the book like?

Very lonely, but interesting. I gave myself an opportunity to watch or observe characters on stage. The solidity of the book structure gave me a film, day and night, ideas just came flowing. It is my passion and the headspace of writing gives me joy and fulfilment.

5. Do you have any other published books? Any books you are working on for the future?

Twisted Wedding Dress is my first book, and, yes I am working on my second book. I can’t reveal the details now, but it is coming soon.

6. What inspired you to write this story and share it with others?

Inspired by life in general, especially women on the topic of wedding ceremonies and dresses. Men often don’t have any interest in these topics, so it fascinates me to listen to the vast differences. I thought to entertain those who like drama, glamour and chaos in such ceremonies and the accompanied attire.

7. Are there any unique qualities to the book?

The book presents some parts of African culture, diversity, dysfunctional cultural aspects due to modernisation, generational gap and believe system or religious aspects that build a strong foundation but lose their strong hold in the face of independency and the right to choose. The book is full of celebrations, joy and laughter. It is for young and old and can be enjoyed by anyone irrespective of culture.

8. Are your characters totally fictional or are they inspired from someone you know?

My characters are totally fictional, not inspired by anyone, it’s just a collection of my personal experiences and imagination in general.

9. Does the book title have a special meaning?

The title speaks to what is happening inside the book.