This month we present author Regina Ioannou-Knapp and her latest life’s work. Moving vitality with a large portion of authenticity can be found in her new work “The Reason”.

  1. Where do you come from?

I was born in the Tyrolean Alps in Austria. As the second of three children, we grew up in a middle-class working family. Since my childhood I discovered my passion for writing and sharing my stories. Language also played an essential role.

2. What made you to write the book “The Reason”?

Sharing first-hand life experience is one of the most valuable contributions anyone can pass on to humanity around the world. It’s most natural that, having accumulated a variety of meaningful life experiences, there comes a time when you feel ready to share them with the world out there. Some people express themselves verbally, while others communicate through art and again others transmit their message in writing. I belong to those people who combine all three skills. Besides writing and art, my passion is anchored in foreign languages.

3. “The Reason” is your first book. Are there more books to come? What will be their topics?

As I just published my first book together with the expert team of your publishing house, there will be a second book, which I am about to conclude. The book title is already fixed and called “What Matters Most To You”. It’s a rather small and handy book, packed with all sorts of useful guidelines. It contains practical day to day tips and hints and shares meaningful true-life stories. Followed by this, her next book will be called “The Ultimate Dream” and it’s a book that is very much aligned with the idea of the second book. However, it contains a larger variety of more in-depth topics. It also informs about my future Mastermind program, “Life in Balance”, as well as the various workshops being offered. Following these books, I will dedicate much time in writing a series of books about Motherhood; “The Family I Always Wanted”.

4. Why is your book written in English and not in your native language, German?

All my intuitions and spiritual messages are in English. So it is easier for me to express everything in English, and considering that English is the most spoken language in the world, almost anyone can benefit from reading my book.

5. What is your book about and has it an autobiographical relation?

My book is a combination of different phases I have gone through in life. There is a story that resembles a real love story, followed by a great Greek drama. Another part of the story tells of my enviable family life, of parents and children, and of children who become parents. A part of this story refers to the natural, human feeling of joy and suffering and how quickly one event can pass to another. In addition, the story conveys heartbreaking emotions like grief and what it feels like to survive in a foreign country. But above all, it is a story about life as such, love and death, and the inevitable continuity of human experience.
I share bluntly my true-to-life insights. It is my own practical knowledge that has been lived day after day, week after week and year after year and put on paper in the form of a book.

6. What significance does the book title “The Reason” have?

As an author, I firmly believe that everything in life happens for a reason. The question is always “Why? Why do things happen with me and not with someone else? In my view this means that there must be a natural reason for it. Life would be so much easier if we were to take a close look at it.

As for the title, the truth is that the original title was different. The book should be called “How To Fight Like A Girl”. During the process of writing down and sharing my life experiences, I realized that life itself is not about to fight and win or even lose a fight. Life is much more a continuous process of learning and experiencing, which is used to deal with all conceivable life situations and to learn how to deal with them.

7. What is the core message you intend to share with the reader?

The core message that I would like to bring closer to my readers is what you can achieve out of a given life situation. No matter what you go through in life, all that matters is how you emerge as a winner on the other side of the tunnel. It is the end result that ultimately constitutes the legacy of all life. The only thing each individual leaves behind after leaving Planet Earth.

8. Who does the book address?

The target group is almost unlimited and timeless. Almost everyone will be able to relate to a part of the story, either directly or indirectly. Everyone will experience grief or encounters and enjoy moments of happiness at some point in their lives. And although not everyone will be a mother, everyone has a mother or a mother figure. Parenthood or upbringing is part of our life journey.

9. Is there anything special about reading this book?

Reading an authentic life story is always something special. My story is based on real experiences and should convey a powerful and uplifting message. I want to act as a role model and give strength to my readers on their way. Because we all face the challenge of “living” every day. The more positively we follow this path, the happier we can be.