Perfect weather, a soft sea breeze, a deckchair – but no book? Don’t worry! novum publishing knows where to get the best free summer reads!

Top 7 Beach Libraries for light luggage, Tenerife, Canary Islands

A full day spent on the beach means finally enough time to relax and catch up on your summer reading. But you wouldn’t want to carry a stack of books around or ruin your e-reader in the sand, right? This is exactly why a Bulgarian resort opened the first free European beach library in 2013. You can still lend and donate books there. It was such a hit with tourists that pop-up bookshelves followed suit in resorts all around the world. The designer Matali Crasset even created a mobile tented library in Istres, France. The bright orange kiosk handing out books instead of junk food was quite extraordinary and turned many heads. In our fast-paced touristic world between luxurious resorts and overpriced umbrellas, a simple free library on the beach is such a romantic idea! Readers love it and have started sharing their finds with the #beachlibraries on social media. Here are our favorite picks!

Albena, Bulgaria

The German architect Herman Kompernas created the open-air library in Albena, Bulgaria. Bibliophiles can choose from thrillers, romance, crime, memoirs, historic novels and children’s as well as young adult literature. Today a total of three libraries as well as 15 languages and about 6,000 books await reading aficionados on the beach. Just imagine coming from a relaxing swim and picking out your next great read on the way to your towel – and it’s all for free!

Máncora, Peru

Here, on the sandy Playa Las Pocitas at the DCO Suites, Lounge & Spa, the peace and quiet of guests and tourists is only interrupted by the sound of the waves. Why not treat yourself to some relaxed reading on a luxurious beach bed next to this cute library made from half a rowboat?

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

In 2017, Dubai started the initiative of setting up a few library hotspots along eight beaches in Dubai, such as on Jumeirah Beach, at the Ritz Carlton and on Kite Beach. The latter offers colorful chairs along the seashore for reading. Arabic and English books have never been so easily accessible on a beach. The tourists, residents and expats are certainly thrilled by this idea.

The libraries are open during the day and free to use, plus there’s extra lighting generated from solar energy when it gets dark. One beach also offers bookworms an area with tables and beanbags. Now you can indeed tell everyone that your weekend is all booked!

My Khae Beach, Vietnam

Once an R & R (rest and recuperation) facility for the U.S. Armed Forces, My Khae Beach (Vietnamese for China Beach) has been named one of the top ten beaches in Vietnam by Forbes Magazine this year. If you happen to travel to Da Nang, one of the most beautiful coastal Vietnamese cities, the Holiday Beach Resort Library and its adjacent restaurant are a hip spot for a break from jet-skiing or snorkeling. Have a cold drink and pick your book. As an extra perk, the bookcase makes for a beautiful photo background in front of the shimmering sea.

Indian Rocks Beach, Florida

This must be one of the most adorable little public libraries on a beach ever created. And the coolest thing about it is that there are now four different “Take a book – leave a book” boxes. There’s even a website which proudly gives you the exact location of each one. Happy borrowing!

Agia Anna Beach, Greece

If you stay at the Thalatta Seaside Hotel, you will notice a stone wall with an intriguing shelf pattern right next to the hotel pool. Take a closer look and you will realize it is a library for travelers! What is more, this library was created for a good cause: at the end of every season, the books are given to about 1,000 students for their extracurricular education!

The idea of beach libraries not only delights readers of all ages but also promotes cultural exchange through literature from all over the world! We love it!

Maybe you’d like to see a beach library for yourself or leave behind your favorite summer read for other book enthusiasts?

In any case, let us know your recommendations for beach libraries and which books you have donated to this romantic cause in our comments!

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