We invited Mahmoud Akbari Dolatabad to this month’s author interview to talk about his first book “And You Wonder How My Partner Changed” and its comical stylistic elements.

  1. Who’s behind the author?

Since I’m a slightly comical person and just happy in general, I wanted to include that in the book.

2. What was the process of writing the book like?

Before I even wrote it, I imagined it as a movie and I think that’s why I could describe the emotions so that you could see yourself in the position of the characters. I also did not have a job at that time. I was making my way into depression, so writing the book was like taking medicine for depression.

3. Do you have any other published books? Any books you are working on for the future?

No, I do not have any other published books, but I am working on some new projects.

4. What inspired you to write this story and share it with others?

I am interested in fantasy/comedy stories and I was inspired by fantasy movies like The Mask and Laurel & Hardy.

5. Are there any unique qualities to the book?

This book’s comedy is inspired by comedy movies throughout the years (1930-up to now). I’ve studied cinema comedy movies from different parts of the world such as America, England, Iran etc. So, the comedy is thought through, and it is originally structured, with comedy dialogue and pictures.

There are a few ‘easter eggs’ that contain sex. Included in the story there is action, happy music, dancing and stress.

6. Are your characters totally fictional or are they inspired from someone you know?

Yes, they’re completely fictional.

7. Does the book title have a special meaning?

By using the words ‘Partner changed’, the book gains both women and men’s attention, as both parties want to change something about each other, and in this scenario the gender doesn’t matter.