We have found the most charming places for you to find peace and quiet, inspiration or change – whatever you may need to get back on track and stay in the flow.

If you plan to make a living as a writer, you should probably become familiar with the side effects of your profession. Many people consider writing to be the ultimate escape from everyday life, associating with such values as freedom and independence. Nevertheless, attempting to fend for yourself as a writer will put the image of living as a carefree bohemian into perspective rather quickly.

You do not necessarily need to become an eccentric hermit to be a successful writer, though. The occasional change of location will not only free you from your self-imposed austerity but will also offer an opportunity to draw inspiration from everyday life. So let’s get going with our list of seven snug places perfect for your writing and assembled by novum publishing.      

Ideal places for writing


It tastes great and keeps you awake: coffee. In this respect, the café certainly deserves its reputation as the stereotypical working place for writers. Impregnated by caffeine and decades of making good coffee, the café and its often rather eclectic range of guests is the perfect place not only for writing but also for conducting research. As a place for additional social studies, it offers ample opportunity to refine and carve out your book’s still unfinished characters.

Writing at a cafe and sweet spot


Longing for some peace and quiet? Are you seeking solitude yet do not wish to be all by yourself? Why not book a desk at a library and benefit from the spirits of the world’s greatest authors as well as the sounds of people studiously flipping pages? Against the backdrop of shuffling paper or the sighing of procrastinators, the library is the ideal alternative to your writing desk at home.

Writing in a library


As a literary theme, the hotel is certainly not a concept exclusively reserved to Stephen King. In contrast to “The Shining, writers are often driven by inspiration rather than madness when staying at hotels. It’s no coincidence that the Irish author James Joyce checked into the hotel “Victoria” in Trieste for two whole years.

Writing at a hotel


The train offers numerous advantages as a mobile writing retreat. Train rides are ideal for using your travel time in a productive manner. While the vigorous rattling of train wheels encourages a continuous writing flow, looking out of the window and enjoying beautiful panorama views might just spark new literary. The only distraction you might have to master is the train conductor. As long as you have a ticket, however, you should hopefully be able to disregard such advances.      


If nature is your primary source of inspiration, you might try an all-weather spot in a park. Writing outdoors requires a little preparation, though. A park bench with nice views is certainly a formidable source of inspiration. As soon as the weather changes, however, your writing experience usually comes to a halt. If a laptop is your preferred writing device, do not forget to bring along a power bank. And if you wish to write close to a playground, better pack your headphones to block out any distracting noise. Although writers often forget to eat when immersed in their story, there is no harm in bringing a water bottle and a lunchbox.         

Don’t forget: writing is work. And when it comes to work, any distraction is welcome.

Writing in a park

Beach house

If you are lost for words and struggle with writer’s block, a radical change of scenery is often the way to go. Modern booking platforms like Airbnb make it that much easier to escape your everyday routine. Today’s sophisticated bohemians book their individual writer’s retreat online. Choose between such destinations as Nicholas Spark’s beach house and Jane Austen’s castle. You might think about combining work with pleasure by staying in an area featured in your book. Perhaps you are even able to enter your trip in the books as research!      

Writing at a beach house


Granted, checking yourself into a monastery might seem a bit extreme at first glance. Once you are familiar with what they have to offer, spending some time in a monastery may just make sense: television, smartphones or internet access are usually prohibited. Monastery guests should stay away from any stress or daily routine and rather spend their time exercising contemplation and awareness. In most cases, room, board and someone to take care of your needs are provided free of charge except for a voluntary donation. As their daily routine is not obligatory, you are free to plan your days as you please. What is more, taking a break and staying in a monastery is a must-do for any serious fan of Umberto Eco.        

Writing in a monastery, one sweet spot for writers

What are your favorite spots to take a timeout from writing at home?

Write a comment and share some of the beautiful places you frequent to spark your creativity and pound out those words!

Keep writing, keep typing!

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