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Which type of reader are you? Allow us to introduce six types of readers – from the show-off reader to the compulsive reader.

Publishing houses love them, literary scholars study them, and writers hope they will someday understand them: readers. Literary studies categorize readers according to all kinds of factors, such as reading posture, reading motivation, reading competence, reading intensity, or reading preferences. While the pragmatic reader is searching for the meaning of life between the lines, for example, the fantastic reader seeks to escape from reality. Even other disciplines such as sociology or psychology devote their research activities to the phenomenon of the reader, creating and renaming new kinds of readers as they see fit. So why not do it ourselves? The team of novum publishing took a closer look at readers in libraries, book stores or reading corners and presents another attempt at characterizing them. 

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Six types of readers

The genre reader

It may be principle, passion, or a bit of both – genre readers dedicate their time to two primary activities: reading their favorite literature and despising everything else. The bookshelves of genre readers would never accept more than a single literary genre. This species is mostly found in fantasy, crime fiction and – against all self-awareness – the classics. While genre readers glorify and celebrate their genre of choice, they can only frown upon and turn up their nose at any other kind of book. Winning over a true genre reader is almost impossible, as they could hardly forgive infidelity – least of all to themselves.  

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The multi-tasker reader

This type undoubtedly provides the counterpart to the genre reader. They ideally read not only everything they get their hands on but they also do it at the same time. Multi-tasker reader are all over the literary landscape and devour everything they encounter. In the eyes of genre readers, they commit the worst crime possible: they jump from one book to the next and always have too many irons in the fire. From the first chapters of a fiction novel to a non-fiction punchline or finding out who did it in a crime book – multi-tasker readers move in mysterious ways.   

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The part-time reader

What is still a reason for detention in school is a way of life for part-time readers: books are just as randomly chosen as they are discarded. Part-time readers pick whatever they fancy at the moment without any special literary preference. Reading is nothing more than another element in their diverse recreation program. In contrast to genre readers, they happily welcome book recommendations and submit their latest acquisitions to serious trials when on vacation. If they do not like what they read, the next beach book might end up as a beach mat. Pleasant as they are, part-time readers would never underestimate the value of books, but they certainly do not overestimate it either.              

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The highbrow reader

The teacher’s pet among readers – do you still remember those hateful classmates who always reminded teachers of giving you homework? Those are the ones that turned into highbrow readers. Their taste is as simple as it is distinguished: “The most influential books in world literature.” Whether they like what they read or not is simply beside the point. They accept reading for passion as well as self-chastisement and will obsessively plow through even the toughest of reads, just to tick off another book on their list of world literature.

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The show-off reader

The dabbler among readers is certainly the show-off reader. Their bookshelves are a haven of education and pay homage to their intellect and intimidating knowledge. Don’t let them fool you, though: lies and deception is all you will find in their shelves. After all, show-off readers do not actually read books and pretend to be something they are not: widely read intellectuals who are at least theoretically well versed in dialectics, while the ragtag and bobtail still indulge in “Game of Thrones”. If you ever come across a show-off reader, just beat them at their own game: ask questions and observe how they lose their footing.

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The compulsive reader

This type of reader combines elements of all others. Compulsive readers even share a few character traits with show-off readers because they usually hoard more books in their shelves than they could ever read in a lifetime. The PUB – the pile of unread books – was undoubtedly invented by compulsive readers. They are interested in any genre and might take just as much pleasure in a cookbook as in a special form of rare poetry. Are you a compulsive reader? Don’t worry! Nobody wants to suffer from addiction – unless your addictive substance is the written word.         

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Explore our extensive portfolio of books for all types of readers here. Which type of reader are you? We’re looking forward to your confessions in our comments!

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  1. Kymsummer Scarce

    6. March 2020 at 11:06

    Hi kymsummer scarce here just wondered if you would be interested in publishing my first book warm wishes kymsummer scarce

  2. karen steele

    6. March 2020 at 16:21

    I am an addicted reader. I read real life adventure, autobiographies of people I admire, classics, I read anything about the Arctic, and occasionally to give my mind a break good thrillers. I panic if I am getting ready for bed and realise I finished my book the night before. Desperately i search, I usually have a pile of books waiting to be read.

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