We invited Melinda Fouts to this month’s author interview to talk about her book “ Cognitive Enlightenment” and her professional background.

1. What inspired you to write your book on self-discovery?

After working with individuals and organizations for over 20 years, I discovered that the root of most inner struggles is fear and negative self-talk.  My book offers techniques and skills to cultivate more inner peace and by writing it I can reach more people.

2. What is one of the key points made in the book?

How to manage your emotions. Emotions get the best of us and we often have what I refer to as a go-to style of responding when we are upset.

3. Is this a good book to help couples in their marriage?

When we improve ourselves and manage our emotions better, we improve how we show up in relationships, whether in a marriage, professionally, and socially.  Many couples benefit from the techniques I offer to improve conflict resolution.

4. What’s one piece of advice you can share now?

Start paying attention to the mental chatter in your head and listen to what it is saying. Ask yourself how much of it is negative chatter.

5. Who is the book for?

Everyone who wants to grow.