According to Paulo Coelho “The book is a film that takes place in the mind of the reader.” Which of the up-and-coming movies based on books are actually worth watching? Allow us from novum publishing to present the hottest film adaptations for 2020!

Steven King compared books and movies to apples and oranges. Both are fruit but each type has a completely different taste. Literary adaptations may have once only done justice to their original source at rare occasions. This changed in recent years and has become a booming industry. Let’s put the spotlight on our finest selection, neatly sorted into genres, just for you.


James Bond 007: No time to die

Release: April 2020

Cary Fukunaga’s new Bond trailer is even darker and grittier than the last, plus the music draws you in emotionally. This is Daniel Craig’s fifth and apparently last time as the fictional agent 007. Ian Fleming’s original protagonist must fight an extraordinarily nasty psychotic villain starring Rami Malek. Bond saved the world countless times, enjoyed his Martini shaken, not stirred, and seduced pretty yet dangerous women in passing. This is a sure hit, if you like action and spy films – Bond never gets old!


The King’s Man

Release: September 2020

To start off the new Marvel series, this upcoming prequel is based on the comic Kingsman by Dave Gibbons and Mark Millar. Set in the 1900s, the film follows a group of ex-soldiers who are about to become the first intelligence agency. Since the worst villains and tyrants are plotting a war, the King’s man and his team need to save the day. Directed by Matthew Vaughn and featuring an all-star cast, this is a film you will not want to miss!

Science Fiction

Artemis Fowl

Release: May 2020

Pixies and fairies, kidnapping and mystery – all wrapped up in Sci-Fi. The adaptation follows the first of the eight-book series Artemis Fowl by the enormously successful Irish author Eoin Colfer. Originally to be released this year, reshooting and editing delayed this gem, ensuring a polished spectacle in May 2020. A criminal mastermind trying to free his father from an evil pixie – not only children’s eyes will light up in wonder, we promise!

Black Widow

Release: May 2020

For Comic fans and a slightly older audience we suggest Black Widow, the first film in Phase Four produced by Marvel Studios. No lesser than Scarlett Johansson has the lead role of Natasha Romanoff in this rapid espionage driven, breathtaking action. Our superheroine is on the run and must face her past. The director is Cate Shortland with stunning film locations in Norway, Hungary, Morocco, England and Georgia.



Release: January 2020

If you liked the horror of The Grudge and its two sequels, you will also be haunted by this reimagining. The roots of the plot stem from the Japanese Ju-On franchise, consisting of 13 films in total. All of them revolve around a curse that starts when somebody dies a violent death by rage, like a young mother who murders her entire family. The dead souls haunt anybody who comes near them. These subsequent deaths result in more evil spirits that are also befallen by the same curse. Directed and written by Nicolas Pesce, this supernatural horror movie starring Andrea Rieseborough and Betty Gilpin will not leave you cold. But don’t watch the film on your own!


Release: June 2020

If you are looking for a horror movie with a bit of depth and historical background, look no further. The story is based on an urban legend and takes place in a gentrified neighborhood in Chicago, illuminating issues such as class and race. Nia DaCosta directs this sequel to the 1992 classic, in which the son of a slave is murdered and haunts the area. Tony Todd will once again play the leading role, accompanied by Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, who you might know from Aquaman. The movie is adapted from Clive Barker’s short story The Forbidden.

Family Movies

Peter Rabbit 2

Release: April 2020

Have you watched the trailer yet? No? You should. And when you do you will not only want to set off for the movies but also take your whole family with you. This film is adorable, funny, witty, fast-paced and the main characters are fluffy rabbits. What more could you ask of a family movie? After the surprise hit, when Beatrix Potter’s darling ran away into the gardens and fields, Peter is now discovering the big city and more mischief. Out for Easter!

One thing is clear: If you are brave enough to see what has become of a book on the screen, you will probably encounter a plot that doesn’t match up with what you had in mind. However, it is worth the risk, since the film might show your favorites from a new angle and thus, add its own twist to the original. And you might even pick up the book again to reread it.

Which film adaptations are you going to get your ticket for? Write a comment and let us know!

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