Interview session with ‘What is it With Bloody Men’ author Maggie K. McLean-Crowther.

Maggie K. McLean-Crowther has had her experiences with ‘bloody’ men. In her highly amusing memoir she takes her readers on a wild ride that is sure to leave them in stitches. She has written a deeply funny and thought-provoking rant, which tells the age-old story of how vulnerable, attractive women fall for wildly good-looking men; oozing charm and sex appeal who in a very short time turn into absolute monsters. Monsters who stop at nothing to appease their domineering, selfish natures and are masters at manipulating vulnerable women.

Through all of the pain Maggie has not lost her joie de vivre. In a revealing interview she talks bravely about the harrowing experiences with her controlling and abusive husband to show other women that they do not have to go through things on their own.

Interview with Maggie K. McLean-Crowther

What inspired you to choose the title?

Like most, we say in our heads, Bloody Men. So, I thought to myself that would be a great title for a book, so I chose WHAT IS IT WITH BLOODY MEN.

What made you decide to write your book?

To be honest, in the beginning I did not. I wrote things down about how I felt, like writing a journal and before I knew it, I was writing a book. It did take me years to write because I then decided I wanted to show others that they did not have to go through things on their own.

Why did it take you so long to draft your book?

To be honest, due to my mental health my head was not in the right place. If I had written it and did not understand it, how would my readers understand it?

Are the characters real?

Yes. Apart from their names the characters are VERY REAL.

Did anyone help you to draft your book?

My partner, whose name is Lucifer in the book, helped me all the way through. He was my guide and he encouraged me to write my book. The love of my beautiful children and my publisher at Novum all helped me in so many ways and I thank them.

Are you planning on writing anymore books?

Yes. I have just finished writing my first children’s book about my two dogs and my cat. The title is The Adventures of Peanut, Raven and Apollo. I am also in the middle of writing about another part of my life, my childhood. The title is A Mother & Sister Like Mine.

How did you feel about authoring the book?

To be honest, I cried. I had forgotten what I had gone through. I often ask myself how did I survive and that is one question I cannot answer. Like most of us. How do we survive?

Do you hate men?

What a good question. I do not hate men, but I do hate them if they hurt a partner or a child. Then again, I could say that about women as well as they are just as bad.

Was the book written as an attack on men?

It was not an attack on men. It was more of what some men can be like as we do not know what goes through their heads. They can become controlling and abusive in many ways.

Do you think men would benefit from reading your book? Or would they not understand it?

I hope they would benefit from reading it, but you never know. Some may understand it whereas with others it might make them more controlling. One never knows how it may end.

Did you feel at any time that you were the spark that started the problems?

Yes. All the time. I always felt I did, just for the simple fact that I was still breathing.

Do you feel that writing the book has been a healing process of your past?

Yes, I do. The reason is that I hope others will feel the same. That it gets rid of the poison inside of us. Whether it’s writing about how you feel or reading or even talking to someone. It’s all about letting go of the toxins that eat away at us.

What is the message to men and women in your book?

That they do not have to go on this journey alone. That there are others out there who can empathise with what they are going through or have gone through. That they are strong and loved even if they do not feel it themselves.

Apart from reading your own books. What books do you read and who is your favourite author?

Wow. I do not just have one favourite author even though I love James Patterson. I have all his Women’s Murder Club books. I also love Ed McBain. My favourite is his Snow White and Red Rose book. I also love Trudi Canavan. My favourite of hers is The Black Magician Trilogy books. But who knows who may come along in the future?

Thank you for the interview.

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About the book

What is it with bloody men by Maggie K. McLean-Crowther

Title: “What is it With Bloody Men”

Author: Maggie K. McLean-Crowther

Plot: Meet M.K. McLean-Crowther; a first-time author, who has produced a devastatingly funny, true story about the harrowing behaviour of Bobby, her first husband who is just too good to be true and Lucifer the gorgeous bus driver who takes her on an incredible ride!

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About the author

Maggie K. McLean-Crowther

Maggie K. McLean-Crowther was born in Edinburgh, Scotland. She attended Linlithgow Academy. She moved to Leeds, West Yorkshire where she became a Building Manager – until she had to retire due to mental health issues. Maggie is engaged with two beautiful children. She enjoys walking her dogs, cycling, walking and reading. Her skill is being a good listener who is empathic. Maggie feels that writing and publishing this book will help her to come to terms with her life and she hopes to inspire others with the message that they are not alone