Interview session with ‘Not Strictly Dancing’ author Richard Rose.

Interview with Richard Rose

Not Strictly Dancing is the story of Ray Rhodes, from his birth in 1948 to working-class parents in Birmingham, to the discovery of the loves of his life and beyond. Despite a turbulent home life, Ray found happiness in friends, extended family and ballroom dancing – which would prove to be a lifelong source of escapism and, later, love.

Based on a true story, Not Strictly Dancing is a heart-warming memoir of a life spent pushing through trials and tension to find happiness – often by surprise.

In a concise interview, author Richard Rose talks us through important parts of his first book.

Is this your first book, and if so, will there be a sequel?

Yes, this is my first book. A sequel will follow.

Has your dance experience helped you with the writing of this book?

Yes, most definitely. My dance experience has helped me from the time I was a young student and professional, to the present time.

Your book features a character called Dorothy Careless. Was this character based upon a real person?

Yes, Dorothy was my very first teacher and remained an incredible influence throughout my career in dance.

Are your other characters purely fictional?

Some are, some are not.

Is the title of special significance?

Yes, it is. Although this novel has references that are significant beyond the world of dance.

Thank you for the interview.

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About the book

Title: ‘Not Strictly Dancing’

Author: Richard Rose

Plot: Based on a true story, Not Strictly Dancing focuses on Ray Rhodes, who grew up in a turbulent family in Birmingham. Follow Ray’s life from birth to the discovery of one of the loves of his life – ballroom dancing – and onwards to the other love of his life…

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About the author

Richard Rose was born into a working-class family in Birmingham, UK in 1948. He started dancing at the age of six and would make his career in this field, as Principal of Richardz Dance Studios. Mr Rose is also an internationally recognised adjudicator in ballroom dance championships and is a Fellow and Examiner for the National Association of Teachers of Dancing. This is his first book.