Are you looking for ways to turn your knowledge into money? Try writing a non-fiction book! Five reasons why you should write your own non-fiction book are revealed in this article.

Entrepreneur writing a non-fiction book.

Newsletters, banner ads, sales letters – advertising is everywhere. Many people simply feel overwhelmed by the sheer flood of advertising. To protect themselves from overstimulation, it seems, most people have already developed a kind of natural adblocker that shields them from ads. Advertisements that do not reflect one’s own interests or impose themselves like a salesperson at the weekly market are no longer noticed. In addition, the demands on advertising have also increased. Not only do people want advertising that satisfies their need for consumption, but also their need for information and entertainment. Advertising has become a barter business: Attention for added value. But which advertising medium really fulfils these criteria and how do you win the attention of your target groups? Great advertising potential lies in publishing your own non-fiction book. We at novum publishing reveal to you the advantages of publishing and writing a non-fiction book and how you can turn your knowledge into money.

Strategic Marketing: Writing a Non-Fiction Book for Entrepreneurs 


Do you know Tony Robbins? The American author and speaker trains coaches all over the world. He gained fame for his self-help books, all of which now enjoy bestseller status. Although the numbers vary from country to country, a book must sell an average of 100,000 copies to be considered a bestseller. If you have written at least one bestseller, you no longer need to worry about your name recognition. The advertising also takes care of itself. Bestselling authors don’t have to look for editors. Editors look for them. But even books that don’t become bestsellers increase name recognition. If your book offers real added value, it speaks for itself: your readers will recommend your book, write reviews or post it on their social media profiles. And even the shop window of a bookshop can lead to more popularity than you might think.

Expert status

Authors are associated with character traits such as competence, knowledge and intelligence. In addition, many people admire the motivation and ambition it takes to put an entire book on paper. As an entrepreneur, you want to be associated with these attributes. If you have written a book, you do not have to convince your counterpart of your competence. The very fact that you have written a book gives you recognition and, in some cases, even a decisive competitive advantage. Expert status is also a decisive advantage for dealing with the press: regardless of whether you have written a book on psychology, yoga or Buddhist philosophy – journalists are only too happy to draw on the knowledge of experts to explain complex phenomena.

Sales booster

A non-fiction book of your own contributes not only indirectly, but also directly to increasing sales. With a book, you not only win the hearts of your readers, but you also generate real profits. In contrast to operative work, the book generates profits automatically. While you are busy coaching, talking to or looking after clients, your book practically sells itself. Especially authors who have a publisher at their side benefit from this side effect. Only a publisher has the necessary network in marketing and sales to present your book to the book market on your behalf.

Target group positioning

Before you write a guidebook or a non-fiction book, you should take a close look at the interests of your target group. If you are a coach or speaker, it is important to define your personal field of knowledge very precisely. Special interest topics are not only popular on the market, but also lend themselves to friction-free marketing. If you choose a very specific topic, you will later be able to place your advertisement in the type of media that appeal to your target group. In addition, you should also keep an eye on the competition. Research exactly which books have already been written on which topics and think about how you can stand out from the competition.

Search engine optimisation

If your book is listed on sites such as Amazon or on your publisher’s webpage, you will automatically benefit from a better Google ranking. Sites like Amazon are listed higher up in the search results by Google and therefore also have an impact on your reach and awareness. If you don’t have resources to devote to SEO or SEA, you should let your book do the work for you. When your book comes up as a result of a busy Google search, you are meeting your potential customers exactly where you want them to be: at the point of interest. 

Research for a non-fiction book can be very demanding. In this article you will find helpful apps to organise your notes.

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