Want to escape into writing? These seven reasons speak for a writing exile!

The bohemian way of life – committed to no one but art – is the dream of many authors. Writing a book freely and unbound, instead of squeezing page after page into the fleeting hours between work and everyday obligations, is the independence that most writers long for.

Famous authors in writing exile

World-famous authors like Aldous Huxley and Arthur Conan Doyle have lived it. Aldous Huxley gathered inspiration and ideas for his books on his world travels, which took him to Tunisia, India, the Far East and Los Angeles. Arthur Conan Doyle could probably only write a book like “The Lost World” after those adventurous journeys that took him on a whaler to Africa and the Arctic. And the small picturesque bay, the setting of Hemingway’s award-winning novel “The Old Man and the Sea”, was only familiar enough to the recipient of the Nobel Prize for Literature to put it on paper after more than 20 years of living in Cuba.

Writing abroad seems to promise a boost and a breath of fresh air for ideas. But for those who cannot live on air, love and pencil shavings alone, the only option is part-time bohemianism. However, writing in exile also appeals when its duration is limited. Some authors, such as James Joyce or F. Scott Fitzgerald, preferred to think and reside in literary hotels. Young talents rely on the sponsored “Writers in Residence Programmes” offered by various cultural institutions and intended to facilitate the exchange of artists. And others, like J. K. Rowling, write their books on the train or, if the budget allows, on a yacht.

Reasons for a writing exile

But what speaks for writing in exile? Are there more reasons for escaping into the distance besides longing for wanderlust? Are you still undecided? We at novum publishing have seven reasons for you to pack your bags today and give yourself over to the creative process in the writing rooms of this world.

Writing Exile | 7 Reasons for Writing Abroad

1. Release writer’s block

Writing cannot be forced. The more frantically we try, the more it eludes us. Frustration, self-doubt or even writer’s block are the results. If you have reached this point, accept that even writers need a holiday and retreat to a faraway place for new impressions.

Do you prefer to work from home? With these techniques, you can get into the flow state even at home.

2. Improve language and style

Some authors, such as Haruki Murakami or Samuel Beckett, could only define their writing style by translating other works into their mother tongue. Those who spend long periods in a foreign language learn to appreciate their mother tongue again and gain a better feel for it.

3. Strengthen your self-confidence

Travelling alone means facing all the challenges that come by yourself. In this respect, travelling is very similar to writing. In writing, too, you are on your own. But once you have mastered the adventures of travelling alone, nothing can intimidate you in writing.

4. Learning to be still

Our fast-paced everyday life is characterised above all by noise. Something is constantly pulling us out of our silence. The volume and echo of a smartphone society compromise the depth and concentration of our thoughts. The quality of a text also suffers from this. Those who take up quarters in the solitude of the writing exile learn to appreciate silence and the joy of getting lost in one’s thoughts again. 

5. Embrace the unexpected

In writing, we sometimes sacrifice creativity for total control. We lose the fun in the process. But writing is like travelling: Sometimes you must get lost to find the right path. So let go of control, surprise yourself and embrace the unexpected. Give your story an unexpected twist.

6. Find inspiration

You’ve practically packed your bags but still missing a book idea? Don’t worry; the best stories are on the street. Sit on the train, talk to people, and observe life. We are sure your book idea will arrive at its destination before you do. 

7. Explore markets

Different countries, different customs: Are you planning to publish your book abroad? Then explore the markets abroad, which obey laws different from home.

Have you already tried the writing exile experiment? Inspire other authors and share your experiences abroad with us in the comments!

Let your fingers roam freely over your keyboard!

Your team at novum publishing