A cat café is the place to be for book lovers. These seven cat cafés in Europe make writers’ souls purr.

Did you know that purring makes you happy? Scientists have proven that a cat’s gentle vibrato stimulates the production of the feel-good hormone serotonin. In addition, cat purring lowers blood pressure and encourages self-healing processes within the body. Purring is said to promote both regeneration and bone growth. But we know about the feel-good effect of cats even without science. After all, cuddling into a cat’s fur after a long, tiring day has long been considered self-care. And anyone who falls asleep with a paw in his hand, a heartbeat on his chest and a purr in his ear knows what happiness is.

Authors have also succumbed to the cat’s charm in large numbers. Among her greatest admirers are Ernest Hemingway, Stephen King, Alice Walker and Mark Twain. They all wrote under the watchful eye of their furry muses, inspired by the purr’s magic. Considering that serotonin increases our motivation, concentration and physical and mental performance, works like The Old Man and the Sea, Misery or The Color Purple may have only come into being because cats exist. All mentioned authors surely share the assertion that writing with cats is much nicer.

Cats, by the way, are not the only ones who promote creative focus. With these techniques, you evoke your flow mode when writing.

The perfect place for hours dedicated to cuddling is, for example, a cat café. Our team have looked for the most beautiful cat cafés in Europe.

The seven most popular cat cafés in Europe

Katzentempel, Munich

Six cats to pet and play with are waiting for visitors at the Katzentempel in Munich. The clowder, led by tomcat Gizmo, come entirely from animal welfare and have found a splendid home in the Katzentempel. Visitors can also adopt one of the six bandits.

Barista Cats, Vienna

The Barista Cats in Vienna is one of Europe’s most popular cat cafés, so you can’t get a seat with the kitties without a reservation. That’s no surprise since both the cats, the scratching posts, and the coffee are first class at Barista Cats.

Lady Dinah’s, London 

Lady Dinah’s in London is also dedicated to animal welfare. They offer animal sponsorships, and patrons can also adopt a cat. A total of 60 cats found their cat people in the café, also called “Cat Wonderland”. Lady Dinah’s is famous for its scones and cocktails, such as the “Frozen Meowgarita” or the “Whisker’s & Spice”.

Le Café des Chats, Paris

At Le Café des Chats, Gavroche, Olympe and Zan, among others, adorn visitors with their hair. Here, too, sponsorships can be taken on for the colourful clowder of cats. But it will be difficult to choose one of the house cats: Zan and his friends on four paws are cuter than any lemon meringue pie served at Le Café des Chats.

Cat cafés in Europe

Café Helkatti, Helsinki

Café Helkatti in Helsinki is also a paradise for cats and their lovers. You can enjoy the positive vibrations of purring here during an hour of cat yoga or over a coffee. The cat theme has been implemented everywhere, from individual coffee cups to the furniture’s upholstery. If you can’t get enough, you can even stay for the night.

Casa del Gato, Zurich

You can enjoy your cappuccino nose-to-nose with Maine Coon cat Leonardo at Casa del Gato in Zurich. The menu at the cat café is sure to please even the gourmets on four paws, but as in any cat café, there is a strict no-feeding rule for the animals’ sake.

Maison De Moggy, Edinburgh

An exquisite selection of cats awaits guests at Maison De Moggy in Edinburgh – from British Short Hair to Bengal and Ragdoll to Norwegian Forest Cat, the most popular representatives of their species purr in the Scottish café. The cats are the property of the café, but you can buy lots of fan articles in the shop.

Which of these cat cafés in Europe would you like to visit? We’d love to hear your opinion in the comments.

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