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Fantastic authors

Five authors, five facts – novum publishing has assembled a thrilling curiosity cabinet with fun facts about five great fantasy authors


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Creative minds II

If you lack inspiration, good strategies are welcome to boost your creativity. Novum publishing opens the door to a new creative stage with the following tips and tricks.


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Creative minds I

You can’t find any inspiration? Nothing comes to your mind and you do not get the creative juices flowing anymore? Every writer gets to know this situation sooner or later. Novum publishing offers you some exercises of how to focus and to boost your creativity.

creativemindsII1 (2)

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Visiting Mr. Darcy

Literary journeys are popular. novum publishing took a look at places where reality and fiction come together and afternoon tea is served in an atmosphere that could be straight from a Jane Austen novel.


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Traditional publishing vs. self-publishing

A question that all prospective authors have already asked before: should I go for self-publishing or should I opt for the services of a traditional publisher? After all, what does the promising alternative of self-publishing offers for those having ambitious plans in the literary field? Novum publishing have given some thoughts to the pros and cons.


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Once upon a time …

From Egypt over China to Europe: we owe the book in its contemporary form to a centuries-long evolution influenced by power, religion, and inventive spirit. Novum publishing traces back the history of printing and shows how it works today.


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