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“Whenever I felt bad, I would open my laptop and write another chapter or two“

Interview session with ‘Half the World Away From Home’ author Lisa Krämer.

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“My dance experience has helped me…“

Interview session with ‘Not Strictly Dancing’ author Richard Rose.

Interview with Richard Rose
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“I find the Bible a uniquely interesting collection of writings.“

Interview session with ‘Words in Red’ author Colin Rank.

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”It’s all about letting go of the toxins that eat away at us“

Interview session with ‘What is it With Bloody Men’ author Maggie K. McLean-Crowther.

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´The eyes of our children turned serious.´

The conflict in the Ukraine through the perspective of one of our Ukrainian authors.

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“I believe Music is as essential to our lives as oxygen”

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“Food has the unique power to unite”

Sophie Streeting conceptualized the intercultural cook book ‘melting pot’. We talked with her about the relevance of breaking bread together and the important work her organisation Movement On The Ground is doing on Lesvos.

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“Living an authentic life is crucial to every aspect of our lives.”

Interview session with ‘The UNFAKEABLE Code®’ author Tony Jeton Selimi.

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The Real Enemy of the African Americans

Interview session with author Dr. Joseph Oyeleye.

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“The legacy of ancient piracy in history carried on into the modern world.”

Interview session with Dr. Suk Kyoon Kim.

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