“By a lady”
5 famous female protagonists to inspire you

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Just my type!
And which reading type are you?

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Top 10 Libraries in the UK
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Top 5 Greatest Young Adult Novels
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Remind me!

Put an end to having bits of paper everywhere! These six writing apps for organizing your notes will bring order to your creative chaos!

The best writing apps for organizing
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Trust the process!

Five writing prompts for more confidence: With these techniques you’ll get your love for writing to bloom!

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In Black and White

Handwriting vs. keyboard frenzy. Novum publishing presents five reasons why you should not give up on pen and paper.

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One word after the other

Haven’t you been able to stay in the flow lately? The following ten tips by and for authors will certainly help you to overcome your next writer’s block and crank out those words again.

How to overcome writer's blocks?
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Style Advisors

Shakespeare meets Bukowski – what we can learn from the writing styles of the world’s great authors.

novum publishing presents the style advisors of history and world's great authors.
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Ink Relaxation

The technique of writing meditation is practiced on paper instead of a yoga mat. We from novum publishing offer a short overview of four major techniques of spiritual correspondence.   

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In Search of Identity

How does a writer craft a good character? Let us delve into the world of real ideas for fictional personalities we will never forget.  

In search of a good character and fictipnal personalities
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Alias the Other

If the real name is not an option, we are often left with no choice but to hide behind a smokescreen of pseudonymity. We reveal the motives for entering into a dispute of authorship with yourself.

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Extreme Stylization

How do I find the perfect style of writing? We demystify common preconceptions in five steps.

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If even watching the obnoxious little fly humming in circles around in your room is currently bringing more excitement to your life than your writing, then you are probably facing a serious problem of concentration. We here at novum publishing have gathered a few precious tips to putting yourself in the right frame of mind to concentrate on the task at hand: writing!

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