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Blogs, eBooks and its versatile book market – we sat down with the publisher Wolfgang Bader to talk about the future of writing.

We sat down with publisher Wolfgang Bader to talk about the future of writing.
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Interview session with Regina Ioannou Knapp

This month we present author Regina Ioannou-Knapp and her latest life’s work. Moving vitality with a large portion of authenticity can be found in her new work “The Reason”.

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Ink Relaxation

The technique of writing meditation is practiced on paper instead of a yoga mat. We from novum publishing offer a short overview of four major techniques of spiritual correspondence.   

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Interview with Fankie Obed Masilela

We invited Fankie Obed Masilela to this month’s author interview to talk about his first book book “Twisted Wedding Dress” and its content twist.

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The Most Original Book Titles

Never judge a book by its cover but what about its title? These few letters work their magic to draw your readers’ attention – novum publishing presents the seven most intriguing book titles!

novum publishing presents the seven most original book titles
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First edition

Summer sale! Find out how to recognise rare books in our versatile shopping guide, prepared just for you by novum publishing. 

In Search of first editions
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American Book Fairs 2019

In a time when nobody can take their eyes off their cell phone, fearless rebels are trying to save our society from a bookless future. Let’s rub shoulders with avid readers at America’s book fairs!

Welcome to the American Book Fair in 2019.
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Inside novum – Part III: Proofreading, Copy Editing & Typesetting

The blog series “Inside novum” enables our readers to gain insight into the fascinating world and daily business of novum publishing.

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British Book Fairs 2019

What is the best place for a book lover? Exactly! Welcome to a new season of literary festivals in the UK filled with love for literature, passion for fiction and enthusiasm for the written word.

Welcome to the British Book Fairs 2019!
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Interview session with Arunas Bizokas and Martha A. Harper

This week’s interview highlights the biography of Arunas Bizokas and Martha A. Harper. A dancing duo that wants to share the journey of their relationship.

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