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”It’s all about letting go of the toxins that eat away at us“

Interview session with ‘What is it With Bloody Men’ author Maggie K. McLean-Crowther.

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´The eyes of our children turned serious.´

The conflict in the Ukraine through the perspective of one of our Ukrainian authors.

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With love, Tolstoy

In a romantic mood: These famous love letters from world-renowned scribes evoke big feelings.

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Product of your imagination

Are you suffering from creative burnout? With the following five writing prompts for stimulating your imagination your storytelling will soon reach new stratospheres.

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A good plan

With these plotting techniques nothing will stand in the way of your book project in the new year.

The best plotting techniques.
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“I believe Music is as essential to our lives as oxygen”

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Love at first sentence

What’s the most beautiful first sentence ever written? We’ll tell you with which words not only the paper will crackle.

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“Food has the unique power to unite”

Sophie Streeting conceptualized the intercultural cook book ‘melting pot’. We talked with her about the relevance of breaking bread together and the important work her organisation Movement On The Ground is doing on Lesvos.

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Remind me!

Put an end to having bits of paper everywhere! These six writing apps for organizing your notes will bring order to your creative chaos!

The best writing apps for organizing
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“We will need to decide how we’ll respond to the technology.”

Interview session with ‘Assther’ author Rosa Golub.

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