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“I used to tell myself stories all the time”

Interview session with author Gregory A. Sallee.

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Inside novum – Part III: Proofreading, Copy Editing & Typesetting

The blog series “Inside novum” enables our readers to gain insight into the fascinating world and daily business of novum publishing.

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Inside novum – Part II: Blurbs, Coverdesign, Image Editing

Our series “inside novum” offers interesting insights into the publishing business. It takes countless steps before a book can finally be unwrapped and presented in the shelves of the bookstore around the corner, many of which an author would not immediately think of. In part one of our behind-the-scenes series we talked about the exciting journey of a right from handing it in to the publisher until the last drop of ink on the contract has dried. In our second part we are shifting our focus to the production process.

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Inside novum – Part I: From manuscript to conclusion of contract

In our series “Inside novum” we would like to treat you, dear readers, with an exclusive insight into our daily business: In a publishing house like ours there is always something going on; from our daily team meetings, to proof readings, quality checkups, appointments and talks with our authors. To get a little insight into the bustle of life in the publishing industry, in the first part of our new series, we from novum publishing summed up the process from the moment we receive the manuscript right until the contract is brought to a conclusion.

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On the same page

In every good relationship, being on the same page about the important things is key – the author-publisher dynamics are no exception. As a publishing house of repute, we take that quite literally, of course – all puns intended. Assistant editors Tanja Ferscha and Nina Pfeiler-Galos give insights in the assistance of authors at novum publishing.

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Well expressed

Publisher Wolfgang Bader gives insights on how novum publishing is helping new authors in getting their books out and about and why neither publishing houses run on printing subsidies, nor debut works belong into prejudiced boxes.

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