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“I used to tell myself stories all the time”

Interview session with author Gregory A. Sallee.

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In Black and White

Handwriting vs. keyboard frenzy. Novum publishing presents five reasons why you should not give up on pen and paper.

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Interview session with Melinda Fouts

We invited Melinda Fouts to this month’s author interview to talk about her book “ Cognitive Enlightenment” and her professional background.

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Just my type!

Which type of reader are you? Allow us to introduce six types of readers – from the show-off reader to the compulsive reader.

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Interview session with Veleta Hayles

In our new interview we interviewed Veleta Hayles about her premium book “The Depth of Mischief” and its origin.

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Sweet Spots for Writers

We have found the most charming places for you to find peace and quiet, inspiration or change – whatever you may need to get back on track and stay in the flow.

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One word after the other

Haven’t you been able to stay in the flow lately? The following ten tips by and for authors will certainly help you to overcome your next writer’s block and crank out those words again.

How to overcome writer's blocks?
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Interview session with Mahmoud Akbari Dolatabad

We invited Mahmoud Akbari Dolatabad to this month’s author interview to talk about his first book “And You Wonder How My Partner Changed” and its comical stylistic elements.

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Top 10 Libraries in the UK

According to Philip Pullman, libraries are treasure chests of serendipity. But how can we benefit from such institutions in today’s digital age?

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Style Advisors

Shakespeare meets Bukowski – what we can learn from the writing styles of the world’s great authors.

novum publishing presents the style advisors of history and world's great authors.
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