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Blogs, eBooks and its versatile book market – we sat down with the publisher Wolfgang Bader to talk about the future of writing.

We sat down with publisher Wolfgang Bader to talk about the future of writing.
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Book me up, Blogger!

A selection of American Book Blogs you should consider following right now.

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On the same page

In every good relationship, being on the same page about the important things is key – the author-publisher dynamics are no exception. As a publishing house of repute, we take that quite literally, of course – all puns intended. Assistant editors Tanja Ferscha and Nina Pfeiler-Galos give insights in the assistance of authors at novum publishing.

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American book festivals 2018

Books have this wonderful ability to transport us into a whole new world or universe, all in a matter of just a few sentences. Novum publishing has picked out the crème de la crème of the United States’ best book festivals to give you an overview for you to pick from – but be aware, the choice is everything but easy!

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The perfect title-match

It is a fact universally acknowledged that every good book is in need of an adequately decent title – and so, every good author finds themselves in search of the perfect book title. This search being an endeavor not always met with immediate success, a new author is always wise in having a few literary tricks upon his sleeve.

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Well expressed

Publisher Wolfgang Bader gives insights on how novum publishing is helping new authors in getting their books out and about and why neither publishing houses run on printing subsidies, nor debut works belong into prejudiced boxes.

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